Steve Talkowski

A 20+ year veteran of the computer animation scene, I have worked as an Art Director, Animation Director, Character Designer/Modeler and Animator on hundreds of national brands ranging from Beats by Dre, BMW, Pepsi, General Mills, Target, Reese's and M&M's, to the feature films Joe's Apartment, Ice Age, Alien Resurrection and the 1988 Academy Award winning short, Bunny.

In 2008, I launched Sketchbot Studios and self-produced my first foray into the designer toy scene - the retro-styled, pencil-wielding robot, Sketchbot. In 2010, the Sketchbot platform served as the basis for two highly successful DIY custom shows held in NYC and LA.

Recently relocated to Los Angeles, CA, I am currently in development bringing my robot creations to life as an animated series.