Nuthin' But Mech 3

 I am incredibly honored to have been invited to submit imagery for the Nuthin' But Mech series.

In appreciation of Francis Tsai's contributions to the artistic community, proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to his family.

You can order your copy from Design Studio Press.

Nuthin' But Mech 3

Nuthin' But Mech 3

I've been sitting on these images for over a year now and am excited to finally be Sharon them! 

For my submissions, I wanted to pay homage to the still bourgeoning field of 3D printing.

Images were first sketched out as thumbnail sketches before diving into Maya and ZBrush for modeling. Rendering and compositing completed with the ever awesome KeyShot 3D.

ResinBot Prototype V1

ResinBot Prototype V1

SpoolBot Prototype V1

SpoolBot Prototype V1

MOLD3D Shop is LIVE!

If you have a 3D Printer and would like to own one of my robot creations, look no further than the Mold3D Shop. I am one of the initial launch artists, and we'll be making available new content as we move forward.  There will also be an option for acquiring an already constructed maquette in the near future, so be sure to bookmark the page for all the latest info.

I'm super excited to be a part of this venture and look forward to hearing your experiences with printing up the content!

Surge Protector

Just finished up this model test using Maya, Zbrush 4R7 beta, and Keyshot 3D. I was asked if I had anything in the Disney style in my modeling portfolio, and I hadn't.  So I found some Wreck-It Ralph concept art from the amazing Bill Schwab to use as reference and inspiration. I've always been a fan of the "Cartoon Modern" retro aesthetic, and this piece was a pleasure to sculpt.

I've got additional views on the Project Page, and will upload some turntables in the near future.

Final Textures

Final Textures

Base Model

Base Model


I designed this 'bot for my buddy's new company that helps with properly formatting files for award show entries.  Check it out at

Modeled in Maya, rigged and posed with Anzovin's TSMG, and rendered in Keyshot.



Some WIP images.

Some WIP images.

WIP images.

WIP images.

New Work Page Posted - ZBrush Sketches

In my attempt at resurrecting my blog, here is the 2nd post of the year!

I've added a new work page featuring a bunch of ZBrush sketches and projects.  It's fun going back a few years to see how far I've progressed.  Most of these are loose sketches, where you can see evidence of the brush strokes, but I like them as "clay" studies nonetheless.  Some I may revisit, others were done typically late at night where I spent the last hour or so experimenting with different brushes and workflows.  Enjoy!

New Year. New Site. New Stuff!

Happy New Year!  It was time to overhaul my website, and I really wanted to check out SquareSpace.  I was very impressed with the relative ease of migrating the entirety of my blog over. I also like the eCommerce aspect of SquareSpace and plan on finally launching my first Shop where I'll have Sketchbot related product and some other goodies planned throughout the year, so definitely stay tuned for that!

3D World Magazine #191

3D World Magazine #191

The New Year also brings in my first published magazine cover!  I was excited to work with the editorial team at 3D World Magazine for the February Issue, #191.  I also have a 5-page tutorial in this issue showing how to take a robot character from Maya to Keyshot, and using ZBrush to prep the geometry for STL output, and eventual 3D Printing.

Create and Render a Robot for 3D Printing Tutorial

Create and Render a Robot for 3D Printing Tutorial

Feel free to look around at the new projects posted, and be sure to drop me a line in the comments below if you have any questions. Thx!

Custom Bellicose Bunny for Nathan Hamill's Bellicosity

Has it really been almost 4 months since my last blog post?!  Holidays, family, and work have been keeping me plenty occupied.  I did find time to squeeze in a custom for

Nathan Hamill's

Bellicosity Custom Group Show opening tomorrow night at

Toy Art Gallery

in LA.

When I got the blank I knew immediately that I wanted to separate the bunny from the carrot, but didn't want to treat it as a rocket.  A few sketches later and I came up with two droid companions that would be sidekicks to the Bunny.

Check out the featured artists participating and get on over to TAG 3/23-4//6 and check out the incredible work on display!

Designer Con 2011

Designer Con 2011

is this Saturday, November 5th, at the Pasadena Convention Center!  I'm pleased to announce these incredible resin casts by

Pretty In Plastic

as my show exclusives.  They will be $60 a piece and limited to only 30 pieces for this run.  I'm offering up six juicy colours that complement the original Sketchbot series.

I'm also releasing a new Sketchbot print at the show!  This 13" x 19" Giclée print is priced at a very affordable $20.

Also, based on the overwhelming positive feedback from Instagram and NYCC, I'm pleased to have on hand a limited run of custom iPhone 4/4S Sketchbot cases!

Printed via


, these turned out extremely well. Pick up your favourite colour to match your Sketchbot purchase. Only 21 of these exist, and will go for $35 each.

I'm offering all seven Sketchbot stickers as a set for $5 or individual for $1 each.

I'll have plenty of Sketchbot T-Shirts available for $20 each.

I'll have on hand Sketchbot vinyl V1-V5, and the DIY's available for $35 a piece.

V6, due out in 2012, will be on display as well.

I've got lots of awesome Sketchbot content this year, so stop by Booth #434 and say hi!

Sketchbot V5 NYCC Pre-Release

New York Comic Con

is right around the corner, and I'm excited to return to NY to participate in my fourth NYCC.  I won't have my own booth this year, so I'll be doing the pre-release of Sketchbot Variant 5 with my good friends over at the

My Plastic Heart

booth, #879. Signing times have yet to be locked in, but I should be making an appearance sometime on Friday.  I'll have a small batch of brand new Sketchbot t-shirts on hand, along with a new, ltd. edition NYCC giclee print.  Be sure to check back for actual signing time and a view of the print and t-shirts that I'll have on hand!

Sketchbot X Stikalicious = iPad Wallpaper Fun!

This is pretty big news - I've been included in Series 1 of Chocoloate Soop's awesome new iPad app, Stikalicious

The app is a free download and includes one complimentary sticker set. You can then make in-app purchases of your favourite artist's sticker sets, including custom backgrounds that you're free to mix 'n match any way you see fit.

As an extra bonus, I've designed two brand new, exclusive Sketchbots for Series 1 - Yellow variant w/crayon and Jet Black variant w/rapidograph.  I've also broken out the accessories, so you can choose from your favourite drawing tool to include with your wallpaper creations.

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with - be sure to eMail links to your Stikalicious wallpaper images.  Have fun!

Stop It! for Super Cooper's Munky King Show

It's been a busy Summer, so let's try to catch up on some blog posts!

I was excited to be part of "Super" Cooper Berella's huge birthday celebration group art show

that opened a few weeks ago at Munky King LA.  The show runs through this Friday, Sept 25th, so try to check out the work up close if you have the chance.

Below are some work-in-progress shots as I work on the digital painting on my Wacom Cintiq using Corel Painter 12.  The digital giclée turned out nicely using Epson's Stylus Pro 3880.

Making of Sketchbot and 3d Printing @ NYC Maya Users Group, Wednesday, May 18th 7-9pm

I'm very excited to be invited by Steve Mann and the NYC Maya Users Group to give a presentation on how I use Autodesk Maya to create characters that are printed via rapid prototyping and make their way to final products - specially, the Sketchbot vinyl designer toy.

I'll be bringing along plenty of samples to show what the 3d printing results look like, in addition to touching on a few other 3d-to-print projects I've completed over the past year.

The meeting will be taking place at Oceana Digital on Wednesday, May 18th from 7-9pm. Entrance is free and you can RSVP at

 I'll also be giving away one original Sketchbot variant at the end of the evening!

This will be my last event in NYC before we head out to LA on May 20th. Would be great to see lots of familiar faces there for my last hurrah. Blue Sky Studios will also be on hand showing behind-the-scenes on their latest CG animated film, Rio. This is full-circle for me, as I moved to the East Coast 17 years ago to animate for Blue Sky!