Berlin, Day 4

Ok, so there's no Day 2 or Day 3 post.  The screenings on both days ran very late, and by the time I got back to the hotel (2am-ish) I was simply too wiped out to post.  I would then sleep in as late as possible before jetting back to the venue for another full day. Think Siggraph Electronic Theater + Animation Screening Rooms for 2 days straight and you get the idea.

Overall, the festival was very entertaining, informative, and a great inspiration. All of the presentations were well done.  For me, the speaker highlights were Studio SoiTokyo Plastic, and Aaron Stewart.

One interesting tidbit from Anna, Peter and Lars was that there will not be a show next year, as they will be adjusting the schedule for a Springtime conference (that way, they don't exhaust their Summer planning for a late Fall show.)  I feel extra fortunate that I was able to attend this year before the planned hiatus.

A very scruffy and somewhat jet-lagged Steve.

Lars, Peter, and Anna, aka, Pictoplasma.

The crowd ready for the first program to begin.