Sketchbot Prototype Sculpt, Phase Two

As work continues on the sculpt i've learned to NOT over bake Sculpey! However, I did manage to get my carve on and was quite studious in fleshing out the volumes, using two 8" metal files and an X-Acto knife. I then applied a second - and extremely thin - layer of Sculpey, smoothing out as much as possible.  I had to break this into two sessions, as it was getting difficult to keep my detailed work pristine while working on the various parts.  I'll continue on with the bottom half, beefing up the right leg and leveling the character.  The Sharpie paint marker is more for size and thickness reference - i really didn't plan on having him be able to hold other objects other than the customized ones I'll be creating for him.

I've posted more pics up on the Sketchbot Flickr set.