"Turnip Takes a Stroll After Falling Off Truck" - Custom Munny

Here it is, my entry for tonight's Custom Munny Show at APW Gallery! Swing by if you're local to see plenty of custom goodness from a slew of participating artists.

One thing I learned from my third custom - if you live by the stencil, you die by the stencil. My designs are intentionally graphic by nature, so it's important that I get as clean a read on the toy as possible. I had planned on painting this one with acrylics but just could not get the fidelity and crispness that I wanted, so I switched gears and decided to try spray paint and masking. I'm happy for the most part, however, the overlapping layers became annoying. I was masked out and decided not to do the white clouds, partly due to the fact that the colours I could find for the sky and sky rays weren't as close in value and caused more contrast than the original design - so the clouds would have made it even more busy to read. I also toyed with the idea of a black outline to further delineate the character from the background. Perhaps I'll try this out on the next one.