SDCC - Last Day

If you've seen me throughout the week, you most likely have caught me pimping Sketchbot to whoever will stop and listen. ;) This photo courtesy of John Stokes, from the excellent

I finally met up with Jack from VinylPulse. We had met very briefly at NYCC (like, the last 5 minutes on the last day before he had to run off to the airport) and it was nice to have a more relaxed chat. I would later have dinner with him and his wife, along with Brent Nolasco, and Vince and Bicky from My Plastic Heart.

Dez Einswell putting the finishing touches on one of his pieces.

Great to see the giant MOD:1 at Supermodifiedstudios booth.

Tara McPherson had quite a bit of work available at her booth.

This week has flown by! Too tired after the long days to edit and post the plethora of pictures I've taken, however, I promise to upload the massive set to Flickr once I get back to Bklyn on Monday. Now off to endure the last day of SDCC...