Sketchbot Prototype Sculpt, COMPLETED!

*whew* What a weekend. In the midst of a 5-day heat wave here in NYC, not ideal conditions for spray painting up on the roof. Spraying out the window with fans on high, then letting the pieces dry in the air conditioned interior. (This stuff won't cure in high humidity) There was simply no way I was going to be able to hand paint the eye and logo to my satisfaction, so I came up with the idea to print out to scale on inkjet sticker labels. The diameter of my button hole punch matched perfectly with the pupil of the eye. I ended up cutting out by hand the circle of the logo and the "SB" designation for the pencil. I still have to finish painting the second sculpt, but here's what I'm bringing out to San Diego! I'm currently trying to locate some display space - if anyone has a small amount available in their booth, drop me a line.

A few additional views up on Flickr.