Sketchbot Prototype Sculpt - Phase 4

So, I'm upstate and have lugged all the materials with me to create the mold and pull some positives. The only problem is, I underestimated how much OOMOO 25 was needed for the mold! I ended up using two kits just for one side of the mold. I'll now have to wait until getting back to the city on Monday and visiting The Compleat Sculptor for more Smooth-On materials to finish the mold.

It's clear that I'll have to further machine the first resin pull, as the Sculpey is just too fragile at this point to continue working on, especially drilling holes for inserting ball-bearings as rivets. Additionally, I filled in the right hand so as to avoid a concave surface in the mold (I didn't want to undertake too complex of a mold my first time out). This will allow me to drill out a more accurate surface for holding the accessories.

As usual, more pictures up here on Flickr.